The Most Prestigious Marathon in the US

The contest in Boston is perhaps the most well-known and popular event in the US, with a background dating back to 1897. This iconic race, which takes place on the third Monday in April, with strict time standards for qualification based on age and gender, the race attracts some of the best athletes around the globe. This tournament is a must-see event for any fan of the sport.

The History of the Boston Marathon

The first contest dates back to April 19, 1897, with just 15 runners participating. The race was founded by the BAA and was made under the high influence of the initial up-to-date Olympic Games, which took place in Athens in 1896. The race has usually happened annually ever since, except during World War I and World War II.

Over the years, it has grown in popularity and prestige, becoming one of the most iconic and well-respected marathons in the world. The contest is now televised nationally and is watched by millions of people around the globe. In addition to the tournament itself, the event also includes a 5k race and a handicapped group.

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

To qualify for the race, participants have to meet strict time demands based on their age and gender. These standards, which are set by the BAA, are designed to ensure that only the most skilled and dedicated athletes are able to participate in the race.

Necessary timing for the race in the city are typically much faster than those for other marathons, making it a prestigious accomplishment for contestants to be able to participate.

The Course and Atmosphere of the Boston Marathon

The route is a point-to-point route that starts in the town of Hopkinton, about 30 miles west of Boston, and finishes in the heart of the city at Copley Square. The route is known for its challenging hills and narrow roads, which make it a difficult contest for even the most experienced athletes.

Despite the challenges of the course, the atmosphere at the Boston Marathon is always electric, with enthusiastic crowds cheering on the contestants throughout the route. The contest is also a festive event, ith live music, food, and other activities taking place along the route.

Watch the Development of the Most Iconic Race

This is a truly iconic event, with a rich background and a reputation as one of the most recognized marathons all over the globe. Whether you are a seasoned runner or a spectator cheering on the participants, this tournament is an experience that you will hardly forget.