The Most Prestigious and Popular Running Events in the USA

For athletes and marathon enthusiasts, the United States is a paradise, with a wide range of races to choose from. From the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest to the bright lights of New York City, there is something for everyone. Here is a look at five of the top marathons across the USA.

Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a world-renowned contest, attracting crowds of participants from around the globe annually. With a history dating back to 1897, it’s considered to be one of the oldest annual tournaments in the world and the most prestigious races in the sport.

Held on the last week’s first day in April, the Marathon in Boston is known for its uneasy route and enthusiastic spectators. The race begins in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and ends in Boston’s Copley Square, covering a distance of 26.2 miles. Along the way, contestants must contend with a number of hills and challenging terrain, making it a tough but rewarding event.

To qualify, participants must meet strict time standards based on their age and gender. These standards, which are determined by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), are designed to ensure that only the most dedicated and capable contestants are able to participate in this iconic event.



New York City Marathon

The Marathon in New York City is a massive event, gathering over 50,000 participants annually and drawing spectators from different countries. With a course that winds its way through all five districts of the city, it offers runners a unique tour of New York, taking them through iconic neighborhoods and past iconic landmarks.

Held in November, the New York City event is known for its flat and fast course, which makes it a popular event for runners looking to set personal bests. The contest starts on Staten Island and ends in Central Park, covering a distance of 26.2 miles. Along the way, runners will be supported by enthusiastic crowds and cheered on by spectators who line the course.




Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon, held every October, is a premier event for participants from all over the world. With a fast and flat course, it is a popular choice for those looking to set personal bests, and with over 45,000 contestants participating each year, it is the third-largest marathon in the world.

It is also known for its enthusiastic participants, who come out in droves to encourage the contestants. The race starting and finishing point is located in Grant Park, making runners go through the Windy City’s iconic neighborhoods and past iconic landmarks.



Marine Corps Marathon

The Marine Corps event, held annually in October in Washington, D.C., is a patriotic and philanthropic event that attracts over 30,000 runners each year. The race, which is known for its strong military presence and support of good causes, offers contestants the chance to express their sympathy for the military and give back to the community.

The course for the Marine Corps run is landed through the nation’s capital, passing iconic landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Pentagon. The race begins and ends at the War Memorial to Marine Corps, and is known for its challenging hills and beautiful fall foliage.




San Francisco Marathon

The San Francisco run, held annually in July, is a challenging and scenic event that attracts over 25,000 runners each year. The race, which is known for its hilly course and beautiful views of the city, offers runners the chance to test their endurance and push their limits.

The San Francisco event takes runners on a tour of the city, passing iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and AT&T Park. The race begins at the Ferry Building and ends at the Great Highway, offering runners a unique and memorable experience.



Explore the Amazing Running World of the US

The United States is home to many other great running events. From small, local races to major international events, there is something for every runner. So whether you are a seasoned marathoner or just getting started in the sport, there is a race out there for you.